HEALTH SERVICES: Lakeland R-III School District has a school nurse on a full-time basis Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Please contact Nurse Alice Walters at 644-2223 ext. 106 with health questions or concerns. The Health Services Program provides students with health screenings for vision, hearing, height, weight, and blood pressure. The school nurse will also examine, treat, and direct the care for your child in the event of illness, injury, or emergency. The disclosure of confidential health information within the school is limited to information to serve the student’s health and education interests. Your child’s health history is important for us to provide the best care at school. If there is a new or existing health condition that affects a student’s ability to participate in school activities, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the school. The nurse may need to contact you if your child needs an emergency action plan in place to be safe at school.

NURSE OFFICE VISITS: Any student requiring more than 5 or 6 over the counter medications in a month will be referred to his personal care provider for evaluation. Temperatures that are considered to be a fever and recommend that the student be sent home: An Oral temperature of 100.0 and over, or a temporal temperature of 100.5 and over.

IMMUNIZATIONS: Students cannot enroll and/or attend school unless immunized as required by Missouri Law.

MEDICAL UPDATE: A Student Medical Information form must be filled out every year and turned into the office. This would include any immunizations received during the summer and any information concerning physical problems that the school needs to be aware of. Over-the-counter medications may only be administered with parental permission on the student medical form.

MEDICATION POLICY: All medications need to be administered by the school nurse. All medications for students must be brought to school in the original container. Duplicate bottles may be requested from your pharmacy at no charge. Students who carry asthma inhalers must have an Asthma Medication Self-Administration Form on file signed by the parent and doctor every year. All medications provided by the parent/guardian must be picked up by the last day of school. Any unused, discontinued, or outdated medications will be returned or destroyed at the end of the school year.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: No student shall attend school while infected with any contagious or infectious disease. Any teacher, with the consent of the principal, may require a student suspected of having a disease or being able to transmit a disease to be examined by a physician and to provide a written statement of health before reentering school. Any student not complying may be excluded from school.

ACCIDENT REPORTS: Any accident that occurs at school should be reported to the teacher or office so proper procedures can be applied. This includes first aid, as well as filling out an accident report, and the parent/guardian will be notified of what happened. If emergency medical attention is needed, and the school is unable to locate the parent/guardian, an ambulance will be called to take the student to the emergency room.