Directory of Lakeland High School Sponsored Activities

Activities Director: Eric Osner [email protected]

High School Sports Coach Email

Volleyball* Megan Knight [email protected]

Fall/Spring Baseball* Eric Osner [email protected]

Cross Country* Bryan Merrick [email protected]

Boys’ Basketball* Adam Collins [email protected]

Justen Cooper [email protected]

Girls’ Basketball* Kristin Engelhardt [email protected]

Softball* Kenzie Collins

Track & Field* Curt Thomas [email protected]

Junior High Coach Email

Cross Country* Bryan Merrick [email protected]

Volleyball* Emily Meeker [email protected]

Boys’ Basketball* Eric Osner [email protected]

Girls’ Basketball* Eric Osner [email protected]

Track & Field* Bryan Merrick [email protected]

Organization Sponsor Email

Band* Curt Thomas [email protected]

Choir* Lisa Gurley [email protected]

HS Cheerleading* Megan Knight [email protected]

FBLA Sarah Reed [email protected]

FFA Clint Johnson [email protected]

FTA Tamara Hacker [email protected]

National Honor Society Sarah Reed [email protected]

HS Quiz Bowl* Josh Malecki [email protected]

JH Quiz Bowl* Tamara Hacker [email protected]

Yearbook Sarah Reed [email protected]

Student Council Candice Rucker/ [email protected]

Class Sponsor Email

Senior Class Sarah Reed [email protected]

Junior Class Breauna Day [email protected]

Cheverly Gannaway [email protected]

Sophomore Class Josh Malecki [email protected]

Freshmen Class Candice Rucker [email protected]

8th Grade Class Heather White [email protected]

7th Grade Class Tamara Hacker [email protected]

*Denotes a MSHSAA Sponsored & Regulated Activity

**All Coaches and sponsors may be reached by calling the HS office at 417-644-2223**