In order to participate in graduation exercises and proceedings, seniors must have successfully completed all course work designated by the Lakeland R-III School District.

Students must pass Government, Health (with a half hour of CPR training) and Personal Finance. Also, successfully pass the U.S. Constitution test and Missouri Constitution test. All students must also complete all required End of Course exams. All students must also pass the United State Civics exam given during our American History course.

Any student who is within one credit of meeting all requirements may with the approval of the principal enroll in a correspondence course from a principal approved program. A request must be completed in writing to the principal requesting participation in the program. Following approval, the student and parent will meet with the school counselor and enroll in the prescribed course at least four weeks before graduation. All expenses are to be paid by the student.

Students must attend Lakeland R-III High School the last semester of their senior year to be eligible for a diploma from our high school.

All students are required to attend eight semesters in grades 9-12. Permission may be granted for an exception to this requirement. Students must meet with the principal prior to October 1st to be considered for early graduation. Students are expected to attend school with a full schedule. Students must attend eight semesters and the last four at Lakeland R-III in order to be considered for Salutatorian or Valedictorian.

The general curriculum is required of all students. The general curriculum is an acceptable curriculum for college entrance; however, the choice of the college preparatory curriculum should better prepare you for success in the college or university of your choice.


4 Units Language Arts

3 Units Social Sciences

3 Units Math

3 Units Science

1 Units Practical Arts

1 Units Physical Education

1 Units Fine Arts

½ Units Health

½ Units Personal Finance

7 Units Electives

Total Credits Needed: 24


Copies of official transcripts will be given to students upon conclusion of the graduation ceremony.

Official transcripts will be distributed to post-secondary institutions upon request for records initiated by students. If errors have been reported on transcripts, changes to official transcripts may be made by Lakeland R-III administration.