The school district offers guidance services in hopes that the school may provide each student with individual guidance and counseling. Included in these services:

 Individual Guidance --- academic and behavioral as needed

 Individual Counseling --- personal, social and emotional as needed

 Academic to Career Guidance --- Class selection tied to career interests, best practices and recommendations. This will include individual conferencing with students and parents leading into scheduling next year.

 College and Post-Secondary planning --- School-to-Work to associates, bachelors, and professional degree paths.

 Scholarships and Financial Aid assistance --- In-house scholarship provision, support, and management of financial assistance processes and practices. Individual guidance with families on form completion, deadlines and application submission.

 “Directed” informational meetings and special topics --- Senior Planning, Financial Aid, School Improvement.

 Group and Classroom Guidance --- Character Education, alcohol and substance prevention, conflict resolution, and leadership development.

 Customer Service --- Quality assurance begins with customer service. If you make contact with this office regarding any issue, we will attempt to resolve it promptly and in a timely manner.

The counseling office is a place to “vent” concerns, procure assistance in problem-solving, and to “think out loud” when you need to. All schedule changes must be made through the counselor, final approval will be made by the principal. Arrangements will be made whereby all students will have the opportunity to meet with and discuss future educational and occupational plans with the counselor throughout the year.

OFFICE HOURS: 8 AM to 3:30 PM --- Evenings by appointment

EMAIL: [email protected]

COUNSELING AND CRISIS INTERVENTION SOURCES: Students who desire information or counseling for alcohol abuse, drug abuse or personal problems are encouraged to meet with the school counselor.