Mission Statement

The Lakeland R-III School District will prepare and empower students to become contributing members of a democratic society with high moral standards and who take responsibility for their own actions.

Vision Statement

The Lakeland R-III School District is known for its unified commitment to its students. An enthusiastic faculty implements a diverse, authentic curriculum utilizing the latest technology and innovative instructional strategies to prepare students for the world of work or post-graduate education. Experiencing a very low student/teacher ration, the faculty provides an exciting school environment, which is designed to be interactive with the surrounding community and the world.

The Lakeland community is extremely involved with the school district. The community shares a common purpose, pride and commitment to provide all learners a broad range of experiences and opportunities for excellence. Parents and other community partners are involved in helping students, pre-school through 12, through daily, meaningful interaction in the classroom and in community settings.

Lakeland students are enthusiastic and successful, possessing a strong sense of self-worth and accomplishment. They are highly sought after by employers and higher education institutions and all students leave with the skills necessary to succeed in a democratic society. Lakeland experiences a high graduation rate, and students are regarded by all as hard working, responsible, and having high moral values.

Recognizing that the physical environment can dramatically impact success, the Lakeland schools are safe, technologically rich, and appealing for students, teachers, parents, and the participating community. Buildings are clean, colorful, and well supplied with the latest equipment to support the efforts of all and to have a positive impact on the success of Lakeland students. The Lakeland R-III schools are a wonderful place to learn.