Student Discipline

Teacher Discipline: Most discipline problems will be handled by the classroom teacher. Classroom rules will be developed by teachers, approved by principal, and reviewed with the students. Severe discipline problems will be referred to the principal.

Severe Discipline Problems: The principal will look at each situation and decide on the consequence. The parent/guardian and teacher will receive a written document with the student’s name, grade, reason for referral to principal, and action taken. The document will be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to school. A parent/guardian signature does not mean that they agree with the consequence; it only means that they have been informed of the situation. If requested, a copy of the signed form can be sent back home for the parent/guardian’s own reference. A discipline file will be kept on each student in the principal’s office. The Safe Schools Act dictates that discipline files be sent with school records when a student transfers to another school.

Severe Behavior:

  • Fighting

  • Cheating

  • Stealing

  • Touching in inappropriate ways

  • Lying

  • Vandalism

  • Drugs

  • Weapons

CATEGORY I WEAPONS: The following items are not allowed on school property or any activity, home or away: Any device including but not limited to blackjack, concealed firearm, firearm, explosive weapon, gas gun, knife, chains, knuckles, projectile weapon, rifle, shotgun, spring gun, or switchblade.

1st Offense: Suspension for 1 calendar year and referral to proper legal authorities.

CATEGORY II WEAPONS: The following items which are considered potentially dangerous and are not allowed on school property or any activity, home or away: pocket knives, ammunition, possession of fireworks, smoke bombs, mace, pepper spray, and look alike weapons.

1st Offense: Confiscation, up to 10 days OSS

Defiant or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. This includes behavior that is excessively inappropriate or dangerous to students or teachers. Students whose conduct falls in this category will be immediately suspended.

Consequences from Principal:

The principal will use the following types of consequences based on what the student has done, number of times the student has been referred, and what action has been taken in the past. The parent/guardian will be contacted if the student has been referred to the principal. If a student does not comply or cooperate with any assigned consequence, the principal will give further disciplinary action.

Loss of Privileges: Students may lose recess, lunch room privileges, or special classes due to poor behavior choices.

After School Detention: Failure to adhere to the rules of the school may result in after school detention for one hour. Parents will be responsible for transportation after detention.

In School Suspension: ISS may be used in some cases as a deterrent to misbehavior. Failure in ISS rules may result in additional ISS days, after school detentions, Saturday detentions, or out of school suspensions.

Out of School Suspension: Students that are suspended are temporarily not members of the student body. They should not be on the school grounds for any reason without prior approval from the principal.

**The above mentioned behaviors and consequences only serve as a guide in handling discipline problems. The principal and the superintendent reserve the rights to vary from the discipline code guidelines when deemed necessary.

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