We believe that interscholastic activities shall supplement the secondary curricular program, and as such become a vital part of a student’s educational experience. The emphasis for Lakeland Athletics is on Sportsmanship, Character, Commitment, and Teamwork. The high school athletic experience contributes to the development of learning and social skills that maximize a student’s education. It is important to note that participation is a privilege, not a right; however, we invite all students to participate fully in our programs.

Good Sportsmanship Code

Lakeland R-III School District encourages and expects its players, coaches, faculty, parents, and fans to:

  • Maintain pride in self and school

  • Strive to keep high standards of conduct

  • Cheer for one’s own team is always encouraged

  • Respect opponents as fellow students who are also trying to do their best

  • Respect the rules of the game and the officials and their decisions

  • Follow the directives of the school staff at home and away events

  • Accept victory or defeat graciously