Dismissal Procedure

Elementary students are dismissed approximately at 3:18 p.m. If there is to be ANY change in a student’s regular procedure for going home, there needs to be a note brought to the office or a phone call from a parent/guardian. Word of mouth from the student will not be enough to change the student’s regular bus route. If there is no prior contact made, the student will be sent on their REGULAR route.

Afternoon Bus Route Changes: Please keep these changes to a minimum to limit confusion. Make contact with the office as soon as you are aware of the need for a change, otherwise we CANNOT guarantee that the message will be delivered in time. TO GUARANTEE BUS CHANGES ARE DELIVERED IN TIME, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE BY 2:00. The end of the school day is often very busy, early changes would help guarantee the notes are delivered.

Bus Notes: If you need to make a bus change, the following information needs to be written on the note sent to the office. Notes turned in by the student in the morning are preferred if possible.

Student Name

Teacher Name and Class

Name of Person that is picking student up

Exact Address if student is riding to a new destination

Bus color, driver’s name if known, or who student is riding home with

A current phone number

Parking and Student Pick-Up Procedures

North Side: The North side of the building by the elementary front entrance is where students will be picked up and dropped off if they are not riding the bus.

South Side: The South side of the building is where the buses will load and unload. Parents are NOT to drop off students here. Please do not park in this area for the safety of all children. These doors will remain locked at all times.

.Pick-Up Procedure for Car Riders

Car riders will be dismissed first from their classes and will be at the north elementary entrance by 3:15 where a staff member will be located. Records will be kept of students being picked up.

Parents may stay in their vehicles, and a staff member will send students out to their appropriate ride. If the student is a daily car rider, the staff member will simply check off the sign out sheet as to who the child was picked up by. If it’s just an occasional student pick up, then the person picking the student up will have to sign the student out on the clipboard that is brought to the car.

Students will be dismissed to parents as parents are lined up. As the parents drive through, (as diagramed below), the staff member will call the students to the front. Prior arrangements must have already been made to pick up a student at this time. NO students will be pulled off a bus without a prior note. If the staff member does not recognize the person picking up the student, they may be asked to park to the side and go into the office to talk to the office secretary.

Any parent who needs to talk to someone in the office, will need to pull to the side and park to go into the building to talk to the secretary. The traffic of pick-up needs to flow smoothly so it will not allow for a delay for questions.